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Scene7® for Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Wins 2004 People's Choice Award for Best Imaging Software


Novato, CA — June 1, 2004 — Scene7, the leading provider of dynamic imaging software, today announced that Scene7 for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2003 has won the People's Choice Award for Best Imaging software for SharePoint from MSD2D, the leading independent resource for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and .NET developers. Scene7 for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2003 is a cost-effective image management solution for corporations using Microsoft Office 2003 Editions. The dynamic imaging integration increases business efficiency, accelerates time-to-market, and lowers costs associated with digital media production, management and storage.

Scene7 for SharePoint 2003 extends Microsoft Office 2003 Edition’s collaborative experience with brand management and image automation. The resulting image management solution allows corporations to maintain revision control for a single high-quality image asset, create derivatives on demand, and deliver consistent branding for the Web, print, wireless and Microsoft Office 2003 applications. By combining Scene7’s dynamic imaging capabilities with SharePoint Products and Technologies, enterprises can utilize a single, browser-based IT platform to manage all of their documents and images. Scene7 for SharePoint 2003 allows information workers and remote business partners to locate, modify, collaborate, manage and deploy corporate approved media assets directly from within the Microsoft Office environment.

"We are proud to win this award from the leading Microsoft developer community at MSD2D," said Tim Bigoness, Director of Marketing for Scene7. “The combination of SharePoint as a collaboration platform and our dynamic imaging capabilities creates a powerful, yet cost-effective image management solution for virtually any business.”

About 2003 MSD2D People's Choice Awards
The Third Annual People's Choice Awards recognizes the best products and companies in the SharePoint industry. Awards offered by other media companies that are supposed to honor the best products in our industry are often said to be awarded to the biggest advertisers. We have even seen competitors offer contests named similar to our People’s Choice awards only to give awards to big advertisers. For the MSD2D awards, we feel that the only relevant vote is from the actual users. This makes the People's Choice award a far more coveted trophy. For a complete list of all the award winners, plus information on SharePoint, Exchange, Security and .NET, please go to www.msd2d.com.

About Scene7
Scene7 is the leading provider of dynamic imaging software. The company's Infinite Imaging™ Platform enables companies to cost-effectively create, manage and publish dynamic images, helping customers increase sales and reduce costs associated with digital imaging. Scene7 clients can easily computer generate any digital image they need – in absolute photo quality – for uses including Websites, catalogs, portals, partner extranets and marketing collateral. Scene7 has entered relationships with global brands, technology and service providers including IBM, Microsoft, The Home Depot, Levi Strauss & Co., La-Z-Boy, Victoria's Secret, American Standard, Scripps Networks, Restoration Hardware, Home and Garden Television, Multimedia Live, Fry Inc., and Ambrosi. Scene7 is based in Novato, California. For more information on Scene7's platform, contact Scene7 at 415.506.6000 or www.scene7.com

Patrick Tisseghem's Weblog: "Article on Building Custom Alert Result Channels in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is Live
After having published a number of articles on the local MSDN Belux site, I have my first article published on the MSDN international site.
Building Custom Alert Result Channels in SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Understand how .NET developers can extend Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with custom alert result channels. Learn about offering users extra channels on which to receive alert results. This article works through the Quick Alerts alert result channel as an example.
Sunday I have a deadline for a second article on building your own search box in SharePoint. "



Tom van de Kerkhof's bloggings - Treeview navigation webpart for Sharepoint Treeview navigation webpart for Sharepoint
I have developed a Treeview Navigation Webpart for Sharepoint. It's a very useful control to make the navigation between your sites much easier. You can download the source code and use/modify it as you please. The webpart is based on a free ASP.NET Server control created by Funkelab.

Used resources:

A free ASP.NET server control (Treeview) created by Funkelab.
The Smartpart for Sharepoint created by Fons Sonnema and Jan Tielens.

Tomvandekerkhof.Sharepoint.TreeviewNavigation binaries
Tomvandekerkhof.Sharepoint.TreeviewNavigation Source



SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit: "Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit

Read the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit to find guidance and information that you'll need to design, deploy, customize, and troubleshoot Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

A selection of chapters is included on this page. You can obtain the complete resource kit (ISBN 0-7356-1881-X), which includes a companion CD-ROM, from Microsoft Press."



Correlate Home Page
Correlate K-Map solutions help users visually organize and share IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, and legacy documents, resulting in increased productivity and a better bottom-line.



SharePoint au Quotidien


Sur MSDE et ses Outils.



















CASAHL - Solutions for SharePoint Users
CASAHL ecKnowledge can extend IBM Lotus Notes and Domino applications and Microsoft Exchange public folder applications to Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. ecKnowledge can also integrate multiple SharePoint sites with each other and with enterprise applications based on Microsoft SQL Server or other data sources, such as SAP R/3, Oracle, and DB2. Use ecKnowledge to:

Integrate, extend, or migrate Lotus Notes and Domino applications to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS) or Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), for ongoing coexistence and synchronization of applications across environments. For example:

Extend a Lotus Notes document library application to SharePoint to provide search and check-in/check-out functionality for the documents.

Integrate Lotus Notes and Domino applications with WSS list objects, such as announcements, contacts, events, links, tasks, and custom (user-defined) lists.

Migrate Lotus Notes and Domino discussion and team room applications to WSS discussion boards and team meeting workspaces.

Integrate data between WSS and enterprise applications based on Microsoft SQL Server or other data sources, such as Oracle, DB2, or SAP R/3.

Migrate Microsoft Exchange public folder applications to SharePoint to standardize on SharePoint as the new collaboration application platform and complete the upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 or 2003.

Integrate content between multiple Windows SharePoint Services sites.

MVP SPS www.mysps.info


Amazon.com: Books: Microsoft SharePoint 2003: Interactive Training Course on DVD

Microsoft SharePoint 2003: Interactive Training Course on DVD
by Andre Abramenko
Andre Abramenko is a SharePoint trainer and consultant at Pilothouse Consulting, Inc. He has trained hundreds of students and has done numerous consulting projects with SharePoint. Prior to working at Pilothouse Consulting, Andre was a CTO for portal and document management company acquired by a larger competitor in 2001. He has MCSD for .NET certification and B.S. in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College.

Book Description
The training material consists of 12 hours of recorded presentations and demonstrations as well as a 350 slide searchable course workbook (provided in electronic form) that can be printed for taking notes. Additionally, 6 hours of labs, which can be performed on the included Virtual PC image, will help the reader solidify the concepts and examples learned.

More than 200 system architects, developers, and administrators from companies such as Microsoft, Lexis Nexis, Intel, and Nucor attended the Microsoft SharePoint: Become an Expert class on which the content of this training course is based. Below are some of the items that that the reader will learn as part of the course:

• SharePoint features and how they differ in Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Office Portal Server.
• New features in Word, Excel, Outlook, and InfoPath that make SharePoint really useful.
• Best practices for organizing portal and WSS sites.
• How to administer WSS sites and Portal areas content.
• How to administer WSS sites and Portal areas security.
• How to administer user profiles, active directory imports, and how to setup useful audiences.
• How to plan deployment set up multiple portals and content databases.
• The architectural foundation of SharePoint platform.
• How to develop ASP.NET applications that work with SharePoint object model.
• How to modify site definitions; change look and feel, add items to context menus, and add new columns to lists.
• Differences between site definitions and site templates and advantages, disadvantages of using one or the other.
• How to develop and deploy web parts that access SharePoint object model, external databases and web services.
• How to use FrontPage 2003 to change look and feel of SharePoint sites and create web parts that display information from various data sources.
• How to use out of box usage analysis and how to extend it.
• How to setup search indices, content sources, and search scopes.
• How and when to use various backup and restore tools.
• How to develop applications that use document library events and how to extend workflow using document library events.
• How to administer single sign on and how to build web parts that use single sign on object model.


K-Wise Taxonomer: "K-Wise Taxonomer
The K-Wise Taxonomer enables organizations to easily, gradually and cost-effectively develop and maintain corporate taxonomies. It enables to create and manage various taxonomy parameters such as wordlists, ignore lists, and profile properties, in order to improve the quality and compatibility of the clusters. In addition, it allows to take into consideration the documents� metadata and to assign a different level of importance and significance to each metadata parameter. In this way the search results are more useful and relevant.

The K-Wise Taxonomer Value Proposition

The K-Wise Taxonomer provides the following advantages:
The K-Wise Taxonomer provides a consistent method for the process of development and maintenance of organizational taxonomy.
Enhancement of the K-Wise Navigator efficiency and accuracy
Low-cost solution with guaranteed short-term ROI.
A intuitive user-interface supports gradual development of complex taxonomy structure.
Ability to store and re-load pre-defined taxonomies. Thus, the K-Wise Taxonomer provides a flexible platform for quickly changing conditions
Download the Navigator Product Description for SPS v2"

SharePoint au Quotidien: "PPT en Fran�ais sur SPS 2003 et WSS
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