Download Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 2
Take advantage of security and performance improvements in Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Download Windows SharePoint Services with Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Download and install a free copy of Windows SharePoint Services for use in your organization and learn how it works.

Read this artcle to know more about SP2 by MVP Bill Simser


You must update all the Web servers that are running Windows SharePoint Services in a Web farm

You must update all the Web servers that are running Windows SharePoint Services in a Web farm, and you say SP2... and more here. How to configure a Windows SharePoint Services virtual server to use Kerberos authentication and how to switch from Kerberos authentication back to NTLM authentication.
You receive a "The Windows SharePoint Services virtual server has not been configured for use with ASP.NET 2.0.xxxxx.0" error message when you connect to the home page of a Windows SharePoint Services Web site (bad day for you).
You need to read : Guide for installing, configuring, managing, and maintaining Windows SharePoint Services. Or this one on-line.



Enforce Content Policies and Prevent Viruses with SYBARI

Enforce Content Policies and Prevent Viruses on Microsoft Collaboration Systems
Companies use systems such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) to improve collaboration and information sharing in the workplace. Because these technologies also introduce new vectors for threat propagation and sharing inappropriate content, organizations must include SPS and WSS deployments in any corporate security strategy.


SharePoint Course Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 p.m. each 2 day USA

  1. Architecture of SharePoint Products and Technologies
  2. Information Management with SharePoint
  3. Basic Customization of SharePoint
  4. Managing Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
  5. Introduction of Microsoft InfoPath 2003 and the use of Form Libraries in SharePoint Products and Technologies
  6. Overview of Advanced SharePoint customization
  7. Best Practices and Next Steps for Deploying Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies

After completing this course, attendees will have a fundamental understanding of the following key points...


How to manage the footer on SPS

An info of Mauro Cardarelli.
1 - Creation of an archive "myfooter.htc" using the following code and keep-it in the directory
C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\3082\STYLES + sps.css + ows.css
... Nice tip. from a Spanish friend on SharePoint.


Web Parts for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005

Quick Description : Live Meeting enables you to collaborate online with colleagues, customers, and partners in real time, in groups of two or even thousands—with just a PC, and an Internet connection. Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 Web Parts integrate Live Meeting 2005 with Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server to aggregate information together within a single portal so that teams can interact more effectively. Take a Free Test Drive of Live Meeting Try the hosted Web conferencing service that enables you to conduct live, interactive meetings; events; and training in real time.



Downloads PDC


Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Dynamics Brand

REDMOND, Wash. – Sept. 6, 2005 – At its first ever Business Summit event for midsize companies, Microsoft is announcing Microsoft Dynamics™, the new brand of financial, customer relationship and supply-chain management solutions for small and midsize businesses, large organizations and divisions of global enterprises. The new brand will replace Microsoft Business Solutions going forward and represents Microsoft’s strategy to align its products with its research and development roadmap, formerly referred to as "Project Green," which centers on a people and process-centric design approach to deliver breakthrough innovation in two significant release waves. See also this article on MS By ROBERT A. GUTH Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.



WSS v3 video from the PDC (PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint)

We go into Mike Morton's office and have a chat about the next version of Sharepoint with PJ Hough (the BLOG of PJ), group program manager on Sharepoint Services Team. The team talks about the future of Sharepoint and gives us a demo. RSS... Version history more performant, better link with AD, ASP.NET 2.0, Workflow... see this list of blog .


Looking for details on IIS 7 - Well check out these Videos

A nice info by Chris Crowe [ IIS MVP ] on IIS 7.0



SharePoint v3 Collaboration and Tracking Features

V3 have a look

and more... 1 + 2


Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005 VPR: Image Gallery

Bill Gates discussed advances in the Windows Vista operating system and the next version of Microsoft Office – code-named Office "12" – and ASP.NET 2.0 during his keynote address at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 13, 2005.


Windows Workflow Foundation

Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a WinFX namespace, an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Visual Studio 2005. Windows Workflow Foundation is available (currently in beta) for both client and server versions of Windows. Windows Workflow Foundation includes support for both system workflow and human workflow across a wide range of scenarios including: workflow within line of business applications, user interface page-flow, document-centric workflow, human workflow, composite workflow for service oriented applications, business rule driven workflow and workflow for systems management. At the Professional Developers Conference we had 12 labs for attendees to try Windows Workflow Foundation. These labs have been made available for you to download and use on your machine. You can also read this BLOG and this BOOK - and a second one and a great site on this subject. EROL MVP SPS

The Videos » Rob Lefferts - Sharepoint Services and Workflow

Posted by scobleizer // Wed, Sep 14 2005 1:23 PMThis morning at the PDC Microsoft announced several workflow initiatives. Rob Lefferts talks about how the Office system is helping information workers do their jobs easier. He talks about Windows Workflow Foundation too, which was also just announced this morning and how the world of work is changing. Video length: 27:59.Sorry, downloadable video is not yet available and might not be up until next week.Tags: , , Two artice to day night and one more in Spanish on SPS at the PDC, and First look at next version of Sharepoint.


Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

At the PDC this morning Microsoft demonstrated Office 12 in public for the first time. The news you'll hear is "they changed the user interface." So, we wanted to talk with the team who came up with this new UI and we wanted to ask them "are you nuts?" After all, changing how Office works is not done lightly. Julie runs the team that did the research that led to the came up with and designed the new Office 12 user interface. She gives us a great runthrough of what Office 12 does.

Hope you enjoy meeting Julie and your first look at Office 12 the same way I did. You can't see it, but behind the camera I was just amazed at what I was seeing. Voir MAX

New (tricky) WebPart : CheckPermsContent

The CheckPermsContent is certainly the trickiest WebPart i actually done
It was inspirate by a very cool post of Heather Solomon about CSS and SharePoint :
SharePoint Usability Tip: Hide the Site Settings Link in Portal As i actually spend a lot of time of learning more on CSS 2 and HTML design, her post give me an idea. On the Stramit's SharePoint Blog ! EROL


What is 80-20 Compliance Server for Microsoft SharePoint?

For organizations using Microsoft SharePoint that need to manage the retention lifecycle of electronic documents and email, 80-20 Compliance Server is a free enterprise software solution that automates the retention process by applying information retention policies as part of everyday business processes.
EROL www.clubsps.org - By joining the Beta Program we hope you are willing to...

Meeting the 3 of OCT at PARIS of the CLUB SPS

The Club SPS PARIS (EROL Pdt of the Club)

Microsoft Paris
148 rue de l’Université
75007 Paris

The team of the Club SharePoint will be at 13h.

OrgFinder offers companies looking for a Microsoft Active Directory®

white pages application an easy off the shelf solution. An Active Directory white pages corporate directory solution has to be simple to use for end users, but powerful for system administrators. OrgFinder does that - it sets up in minutes and users can start finding your corporate directory information immediately. It also ships with several Web Services interfaces so your corporate developers can take advantage of your directory without having to learn the intricacies of LDAP or ADSI, as well as being able to retrieve this information from non-Windows platforms. I do an installation for SharePoint Portal Server 2003, the Web Part is nice and all the fonction (have a look at the FAQ http://www.orgfinder.com/faq.htm) are great. EROL

Easy Tab Parts From GotDotNet : so so useful Tab WebParts

By Renaud COMTE and


WSS - Administrator Documentation and Resources

You can find the Administrator Documentation and Resources for Windows Sharepoint Services at the following URL



Introducing Web Parts with Visual Studio 2005

Posted by trobbins // Tue, Sep 6 2005 11:55 AM
Visual Studio 2005 introduces Web Parts as a native part of the .NET Framework. In this video Thom Robbins shows how they can be used. Tags:

Bill Gates Shares Microsoft’s Vision for Helping Midsize Businesses

September 7, 2005
Live webcast starts at 9:00 A.M. Pacific
From the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Wash., Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates keynotes the Microsoft Business Summit, where customers and partners will learn about the company’s updated vision, strategy and technology roadmap for midsize businesses. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaks at the event the same day, an address also available via webcast.