Catalogue commercial - Le Forum des droits sur l'internet. Premier rapport d'activit�, ann�e 2002.: "Fruit d�une r�flexion collective sur la r�gulation d�Internet, Le Forum des droits sur l�internet pr�sente avec son 1er rapport d�activit�, une �tude sur les nouvelles questions juridiques et de soci�t� que pose Internet (lutte contre le terrorisme et la cybercriminalit�, respect des droits et libert�s, protection du jeune public�). Dans une d�marche de r�flexion, inspir�e par la volont� de b�tir la civilit� sur l�internet, le groupe de travail tente de d�finir des r�gles tacites de comportement, et de bon usage de l�internet. Les recommandations du Forum portent aussi sur la conservation des donn�es relatives � une communication �lectronique, les relations du travail... Le dossier central pr�sente une administration �lectronique au service du citoyen (t�l�proc�dures�) ; les autres travaux ont trait au respect de la propri�t� litt�raire et artistique, aux responsabilit�s li�es � l�exploitation de forums de discussion et aux modes alternatifs de r�solution de litiges relevant du droit civil et commercial. Compte tenu de la dimension mondiale des questions juridiques, et du r�seau de correspondants �trangers qu�il a tiss�, le Forum constitue v�ritablement un outil original de co-r�gulation mis en place avec le soutien des pouvoirs publics et associant en amont les usagers, les acteurs �conomiques et le secteur non marchand.

Ann�e d'�dition : 2003
260 pages, 16x24 cm
R�f. : 9782110053367
ISBN : 2-11-005336-4"


ESKA Livre ESKA sur SharePoint 2003 et WSS, plus technique que le 1er chez HERMES, il est en rédaction finale, des extrais, Livre Blanc, Soft... EROL


LogFiles/Reporting in Internet Information Server: "LogFiles/Reporting in Internet Information Server
This section of the site deals with reporting, this includes the IIS Log Files that show the request actiivty of your sites, and other reporting that you should perform. "
IISToolShed.com Home: "IISToolShed is a resource to help provide you with tools that will enhance your Microsoft Internet Information Server installation. IIS does not come with many utilities 'out of the box', but there are many free scripts, components, and tools available to give you advanced functionality and control."
SharePoint 2003 Resource Portal - Home: "SharePoint 2003 Resource Portal
Resources for Applying Sharepoint Technologies" A nice site in English on SPS EROL
Patrick Tisseghem's Weblog: "Working with the Web Part MenuItem
Maxim V. Karpov has an interesting article showing how it is possible to override or extend an existing menu item(s) for SharePoint Web Parts. I am teaching my 5-day workshop on SharePoint Solutions this week and today is Web Part day. I think my students (an international crowd - and a good group) will like this technique and we will try it out together."


SharePoint au Quotidien http://sharepointerol.blogspot.com/atom.xml The fil RSS EROL
iOra - Offline SharePoint and Offline Microsoft Office support: "iOra for Microsoft SharePoint enables organisations to extend the benefits of SharePoint to their mobile workers. Users enjoy full access to information on their portal even when they are not connected to their corporate network." EROL


steve.clarke.weblog: "I've finally got something that I'm ready to release as SharePointFav version 1.0. SharePointFav is a client side application designed to allow you to add an Internet Explorer Favorite URL to a SharePoint list.
First of all, I'll give a bit of background on why I decided to write this program. As I've been working on various parts of the SharePoint platform I've inevitably come across all kinds of helpful web site links. Often, I'll take a URL and forward it to people on the team or add it to our SharePoint Developer Center links list. When I was adding a favorite to a links list one day, I thought, 'I should be able to do this directly from Internet Explorer, just like I subscribe to an RSS feed in Newsgator.' Thus was born SharePointFav. EROL
Adding a URL to a SharePoint list has several obvious benefits"
Du fond de la TANIERE de PNKB Personne ne pense à répertorier les nouvelles fiches techniques de Microsoft en français!! Lacune que ce weblog va s'empresser de combler.

Dans un premier temps et pour des raisons techniques, la publication des nouveaux liens de la Base de connaissance francophone se fera sur une base mensuelle. La fauve en profite pour remercier Nicolas, sympathique Microsoftee, sans qui ce projet n'aurait jamais pu se concrétiser.

Néanmoins, ce weblog ne restera pas muet entre deux publications. Quotidiennement, dans la mesure des possibilités. EROL


SharePoint au Quotidien Mon BLOG va bientôt changer, ce sera celui-ci qui prendra la suite. EROL


Amanda Murphy's Weblog Xbox :: Technology :: Business :: Tablet PC: April 18, 2004 Archives: "If you are like me then you probably spend a lot of time researching and reading about topics on the Internet. As a result, you often find yourself stumbling across great sites that represent your topic well and therefore you either want to save the link for later reference or share it with others.
Now if every site had content that was retrievable via an RSS feed, your next step would be clear. You would simply subscribe to the feed using an app like Newsgator (or whatever aggregator you use). But of course, that wouldn't do much to help you share the link with your team members.
Unfortunately not all sites are equal and sometimes you strictly need to save the url for later access. This leaves you with a couple of alternatives:"
Usage and configuration instructions are included with the installed app.


Windows 2000/XP (Only tested in XP, should work in 2000, may work in earlier versions of Windows)

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (haven't tested in 1.0, but may work)

Access to SharePoint Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Services

Access to at least one SharePoint Links list


I've never distributed an application to the general public before, so please give me feedback. I'll be starting on version 2.0 right on the heels of this release with some more advanced functionality. It would be nice to have some nice ideas to add to the pool of options for v.next. Please feel free to email or message me. My email and Messenger are both steve@infotechcanada.com.


FAQ Windows XP: "La Faq Windows XP et SPS du Laboratoire des Technologies Microsoft"


The Mit The MIT le Blog en Français de Renaud avec qq éléments sur SPS... A suivre


Download details: BizTalk Server 2004 Tutorial: "BizTalk Server 2004 Tutorial
The BizTalk Server Tutorial contains detailed information about how Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 can be used within your company to facilitate Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and among business partners to automate business-to-business processes."

A lot of things to do with SharePoint!

Nouvelle page 1 Notre équipe de MVP à Seattle au Summit.


SharePoint Portal Server 2003 An article on TechNet :
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (and a lot of White Paper).
SharePoint Portal Server extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services by providing organization and management tools for SharePoint sites, and by enabling teams to publish information captured in their SharePoint sites to the entire organization.


On This Page

Windows SharePoint Services in Windows Server 2003
Technical Resources for IT Pros
Share information, collaborate on documents, and collect team knowledge over the Internet or your corporate network with the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services technology in Windows Server 2003.

Planning and Architecture
Migration and Upgrade
Related Sites

K2.net� Enterprise Workflow: "Successful implementation of document authoring, review, approval, and publishing process, as well as legislation compliance and audit trails all rely on integrated process management, workflow automation and integrated document management.

By using K2.net� Enterprise Workflow Server and Microsoft� SharePoint� Portal Server together, the best of both worlds are combined to enable a robust platform for document collaboration in the enterprise.

K2.net� leverages 2 core technologies to integrate with Microsoft� SharePoint� Portal Server:"
The SharePoint add-in is currently available for download from the SourceCode partner portal. The SharePoint K2.net ASP.NET SharePoint Form Control is available as part of the K2.net 2.4 Forms module.

Welcome to K-Wise!
What The K-Wise Platform is All About news:

Tzunami's K-Wise platform enables corporations utilizing Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server ("SPS") to realize the true value of their information.
The K-Wise platform facilitates rapid migration of documents into SPS, improves retrieving capabilities and provides taxonomy management tools.
Thus, the K-Wise platform provides access to hidden information layers and creating a connected environment for knowledge exchange.


SharePoint au Quotidien A big deep travel in the information on SPS & WSS (DVD, documentations from the Summit, PPT, reading all the Web Blog...).
Such a lot of information, the travel was nice, and I learn a lot. But no word for the moment, NDA (http://giraudyp.perso.cegetel.net/privacy1.htm) and know I must finish my second Book in french on SPS.



Doc Ave 2.5 Feature Page - Welcome!
Doc Ave 2.5 Backup , AvePoint's newest product and the first item backup solution for SharePoint V2 (2003) SQL to hit the market, is the perfect solution for document level for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windwon SharePoint Services V2 (WSS) . It allows for the successful backup and restore of whole sites, documents and images with history versions and meta data, areas with portal links, and ALL lists and items including contact, events, task, discussion ..., see details below.

Sharing the love--and data--through SharePoint | CNET News.com

Sharing the love--and data--through SharePoint
Last modified: April 6, 2004, 4:00 AM PDT
By David Becker
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

Extending SharePoint Workflow with Event Sinks
Un article remarquable en anglais.

Event Sinks provide the ability to create some compelling workflow solutions using SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Really cool stuff!

In a future post, I'll talk more about how to register and associate your custom event sink assembly with SharePoint and perhaps tie into BizTalk Server 2004. Stay tuned.

SharePoint au Quotidien
Coming back from the Summit 2004 with 50 MVP, that was nice (have a look).


Accueil - MySPS.info
Coming back from the Summit in USA. Great demonstration of Microsoft.