How to determine the latest installed Service Pack on WSS, SPS and SQL(2000)

xgvb on Web & SharePoint Technologies: How to determine the latest installed Service Pack on WSS, SPS and SQL(2000)
With all the service packs, how to determine which one is installed?Just follow the next four steps to determinate the version you’re running, from the version numbers you’ll known the Service Pack number.

An see also this link on Collusion.

- - WSS + SP2
(- - R2 WSS (SP2 equivalent) [still in Beta])...
11.0.7969.0 - WSS + SP2 (added by me 30.9)
11.0.6551.0 - R2 WSS (SP2 equivalent still in beta)
SPS 2003 + SP2 - 11.0.8126.0


Create Highly Customizable and Powerful WebParts with NetAdvantage

By utilizing the capabilities of the NetAdvantage ASP.NET elements, developers can create highly customized and powerful WebParts for Microsoft Windows Sharepoint (WSS) collaboration portals and plug them directly into the WSS framework. WSS is a powerful web-based portal package that organizations are adopting as a means of online communication and collaboration. By presenting a user with a series of WebParts organized onto a single web page, information can be delivered to multiple end users. This allows developers to build interfaces that contain specific information unique to each user. This Sharepoint White Paper illustrates how to create WebParts, by providing code snippets for Visual Basic as well as C#. It also details the process of how to configure and use Sharepoint with the NetAdvantage ASP.NET tools.
Click here to download the complete Sharepoint White Paper

Metalogix Launches Content Migration Service for SharePoint Server 2007

March 20th, 2006 - Metalogix Software, the leading provider of products and services that enable organizations to rapidly migrate legacy content into enterprise content management systems, is pleased to announce the launch a content migration service for organizations adopting SharePoint Server .
"SharePoint Server 2007 promises to be a tremendous release for Microsoft and organizations planning to deploy are beginning their evaluation processes now ", said Julien Sellgren, President and CTO of Metalogix. "Metalogix is uniquely positioned to offer those organizations a service that will enable them to rapidly migrate existing web sites and document content to SharePoint Server and fully exploit its ECM capabilities. "


TechED 2006 from ARPANS

ARPANS say : TechEd 2006 is going to be a BIG event for SharePoint technologies. It nicely falls in the same timeframe as the public beta for Office 2007 which includes Office SharePoint Server 2007. Windows SharePoint Services v3 public beta will also be available in the same timeframe. The fact that it happens to be in Boston this year doesn't hurt eirther.

1. WSS v3 Overview (Fitz)
2. MOSS Overview (Fitz)
3. Client Overview
4. Enterprise Search (English)
5. WCM Features in MOSS (German, me)
6. SharePoint Dev I, II (Bleeker)
7. Deploying and Administrating I, II (Oleson, Nisi)
8. Doc Management and Records Management (me)
9. CMS Migration (Prince, me)
10. WSS v2/SPS 2003 upgrade to WSS v3/MOSS 2007 (English)

Befor you can Try Microsoft Virtual Labs Express.

GAYAN PEIRIS'S SHAREPOINT BLOG [MVP]: Discovery Wizard for SharePoint

GAYAN PEIRIS'S SHAREPOINT BLOG [MVP]: Discovery Wizard for SharePoint: "Discovery Wizard for SharePoint is an auto discovery tool that identifies your entire SharePoint environment – all servers, site collections and sites – gathering important information on your discovered inventory. The results are displayed in two easy to read reports – giving IT managers the critical information they need right at their fingertips. With the Discovery Wizard for SharePoint you can also explore discovered SharePoint resources by browsing sites and portal content in the embedded preview pane."

Colligo for SharePoint : Download Free Reader

It's a free product that lets you easily download SharePoint content and read it while you are working offline. It works entirely on your laptop - no server components are required. And it's very easy to download and install. Please provide us a bit of information and we will give you a link that will enable you to download it now. Within minutes, you will be viewing your favourite SharePoint sites offline.


SharePoint Forums Web Part

A lot of people have been asking about SharePoint Forums Web Part that he posted about at the middle of January. It’s been a busy time since then and I’m working furiously right now to finish it and get it out to you guys as soon as possible. ..

Pdt du Club SPS FRANCE


The Beauty of SharePoint 2007 - New Column Type (Person or Group)

All in the title, just read-it !
and see The Beauty of Office + SharePoint 2007.
3 SharePoint Screenshots : Designer 2007 (great animation)
+ SharePoint 2007 + Blog Posts.


SharePoint Technology Pain Points

1. Multi-Lingual 2. Authentication 3. Extranet 4. Fine-Grained Access Control 5. WSRP / JSR 168 6. Workflow 7. Backup / Restore 8. Aggregation 9. Navigation 10.Tasks & Calendar Sync 11.Multi Datacenter Replication 12.Site Customization 13.Offline 14.CMS confusion 15.Search 16.Metadata Management 17.Usage Reporting 18.AD/AM Support 19.Listings Usability 20.Superset Doc LibraryFeatures vs. SPS 2001. An so what ?

Here's the link... And you have the answer!

Just see the PPT from Mike Fitzmaurice ...

See also all the info on MOSS 2007 (v3 - O12)



Web Part for SharePoint This Weeks Events Version

On SharePoint Studio http://www.sharepointstudio.com
This Web Part Weeks Events allows your users to view a Outlook Today style list of calendar events for the current week.

This webpart uses the SharePoint Portal Server Search Service to offer a fast, stable and secure method of showing events from an Exchange 2000 or 2003 calendar.


Introduction to Upcoming SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007

Mike Fitzmaurice gives an overview of the technologies that will release within Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, with an eye toward pointing out areas with specific developer opportunities.


Office 2007 Access + Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Designer 2007

Access 12 has a variety of tools designed to make it both quicker and easier to author applications. A fun history of FrontPage. The next generation of Microsoft application building and Web authoring tools on this part.
Where do you find more information on the new Microsoft® Web authoring tools?
Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Designer 2007 - Microsoft® Expression™ Web DesignerMicrosoft® - Visual Studio 2005Microsoft® - Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. Guide SPSDesigner.