Updated SharePoint 2007 - Information Gathering Worksheets For Site Planning : End User SharePoint

Updated SharePoint 2007 - Information Gathering Worksheets For Site Planning : End User SharePoint A super Excel / Thanks at the autors for the community of user groups (Mark Miller ...) The worksheets are stored in an Excel workbook. It uses a top-down approach, starting with End User interviews to help define the content of the site, going through a step-by-step process for defining site architecture. Upon completion of the worksheets, a site administrator can easily create a new site based upon the specifications within the worksheets.

Enabling and managing social networks (for business use) with MOSS 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 adds a significant social networking context to its existing collaboration and communication features and capabilities. Planning for the implementation of profiles as part of the Office SharePoint Server implementation process involves a long and careful consideration of the information sources of user profiles, authentication privileges and rights for user profile modifications as well as My Site management and social networking feature configuration. Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog : Enabling and managing social networks (for business use) with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 see also http://blogs.msdn.com/echarran/archive/2007/08/16/managing-social-networking-with-microsoft-office-sharepoint-server-2007.aspx (Source BLOG du Team BLOG MOSS).
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Content By Type webpart v1.1 released

Introducing the Content By Type webpart

I have been working on a new web part that aggregates content of a specific content type into a gridview. Much like the Content Query web part, but easier to use by end-users. They just need to select the content type and the columns they want to be displayed (that’s why I called it “Content by Type”).

The most important features are:
– Works in WSS and MOSS– Casting / formatting of column data types– Links to items and its context in contextmenu– Links to lookup / person fields– Filter items using MOSS filter web parts– Supports grouping/sorting and paging .... read more on the link http://www.tonstegeman.com/Blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=41 and http://www.tonstegeman.com/Blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=49



Day 5 of the TECHED 2007 at Barcelona

Day 5: " Videocasts - Day 5 It is all go at TechEd IT Forum! Tune in to all the breaking announcements, interviews with key speakers, technical gurus, product managers, delegates and many more. This tab will be updated constantly - so check back regularly. Day 5Day 4Day 3Day 2 Day 1 Pre-Event ". A great TECHED 2007 with a lot of presentation, Tools, Meetings, informations, Solutions, ATE... see more information on the web site of the club : http://egiraudy.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!C18447817CCB3384!476.entry

Microsoft Ask the Experts Pavilion : At the Microsoft Ask the Experts Pavilion delegates had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Microsoft speakers, consultants, technical support service engineers, product managers, Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). With more time for drill-down scenarios and more chances to find solutions from the experts.
For more information on the topics covered on the ATE, click here.

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Amazon.com: Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Books: P. Tisseghem

Amazon.com: Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Books: P. Tisseghem This comprehensive, hands-on reference for developers deliversexpert guidance on building Enterprise Content Management (ECM)solutions. Written by an expert on Microsoft SharePoint Products andTechnologies, this book presents a bottom-up view of Office SharePointServer 2007 architecture, highlighting the key relationships of OfficeSharePoint Server 2007 components. Task-oriented in its approach, the bookis perfect for developers familiar with SharePoint Portal Server. You'llget practical advice for managing and customizing Office SharePoint Server2007 components, and you'll learn how to work with them in conjunction withMicrosoft Office Excel- 2007, Microsoft Office InfoPath- 2007, and otherMicrosoft Office products to develop an efficient and effective ECM system.Includes code samples.