Visio Stencils for Information Architects SPS

The Visio stencils (by Nick Finck) on his page are free for downloading and using.

They are designed to aid the work of Information Architects.
Download: All three stencils (122 KB .zip)

3 docs:
Wireframes (sometimes referred to as schematics, page architecture, or blueprints).
A Sitemap (in the since of a IA Deliverable) is a digram or flow chart that maps out the architecture or structure of a web site, web application, or system. These are typically constructed of boxes which represent pages and lines which connect the boxes that represent which pages can be accessed (hierarchically) .
Process Flows (sometimes referred to as User Flows, Visual Vocabulary, Task Analysis, or Process Maps).



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ismith a dit…

There is a huge collection of SharePoint shapes for Visio at http://www.visio-for-sharepoint.com There are 3 main libraries for Architecture, Design and High Level Design. All-in-all more than 1,200 shapes with dozens of templates too. Not Free, but well supported for SharePoint professionals. Well worth a look.