From the Tech-ED 2006 : Office SharePoint 2007 Management

By Joel Oleson (after we go to see a presentation of SQL Reporting servies0.

This demonstration walk through the 3 tiered structure of management in SharePoint showing off the power and delegation providing levers for the IT Pro to control and govern the environment.

The first tier shows off the power that a Site Administrator has in auditing and controlling content.

The second tier shows off administration of profiles and audience management with the ability to delegate this to a business or department.

The third tier shows off the central administration interface the powerful SharePoint site with tasks, topologies, events, and reports.

As senior technical product manager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server, Joel Oleson is responsible for IT professional evangelism.

Joel focuses on promoting the value of SharePoint by speaking at Global Microsoft conferences like Tech Ed, IT Forum, SharePoint Advisor and SharePoint Connections. He is a major advocate for enterprise deployments of SharePoint, speaking on topics such as management, performance, scale, disaster recovery, and high availability.

Joel also makes frequent presentations on extranet and security issues. His best practices and whitepapers are common references in many businesses worldwide. Before coming a technical product manager, Joel spent 5 years in Microsoft IT desgning and managing Microsoft's corporate SharePoint Tech deployment.


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