SharePoint 2010 NDA Secrets Revealed at #SPC09


I’ve been held to NDA for the past couple of years.  What a relief and joy it is to be able to speak openly about the great innovations in SharePoint 2010.  This list is a mix and match of what I consider the big announcements, I’m sure this list could grow tons if it was taken at a feature by feature level for SharePoint 2010 new features, but I’ve tried to group these by what I consider investment areas that pay off and help justify both playing with the public beta and justify upgrading when you have the chance.  There are a lot of others who are making their lists… here’s Ketaahns SharePoint 14 list. (I found this link after I was done, and it’s amazing how close the lists are…)

If you missed the Keynote or missed SPC all together, the first thing I ask you to do is to step through these videos which include the SPC09 keynotes as well as SharePoint 2010 customer highlights and SPC opening video.

SharePoint 2010 NDA Secrets Revealed at #SPC09 - SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land

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