SharePoint 2010 August 2010 Cumulative updates are now ready for download.


The latest cumulative updates are now available for download.

The hotfixes can be requested from here:

SharePoint Foundation: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2266423

SharePoint Server: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2276339

The updates will update the patch level of your SharePoint 2010 installation to build: 14.0.5123.5000

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Issues that this hotfix package fixes for SP2010
  • A SharePoint Server 2010 administrator cannot configure the build-in Social Security Trimmer per Tenant.
  • On a Office SharePoint Server farm which has multiple Web Front Ends (WFEs), term store management UI shows inconsistent data.
  • Initiation for new tenant is slow in the SharePoint Online farm that has large amount of existing taxonomy data.
  • This hotfix changes the behavior of My Site Cleanup Timer Job to handle the case when a user has no manager.
  • When you create a search scope by using FAST Search, you have to have a scope filter that matches the scope rules attached to the search scope. However, the scope filter is empty and must be set manually by using PowerShell when you create a new search scope.
  • You cannot manage FAST user contexts if you do not have administrative credentials to SharePoint User Profile Service. By using this hotfix package, you can manage FAST user contexts even though you are not User Profile Service administrator.
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Issues that this hotfix package fixes SPF2010
  • When you click Sign In as Different User to sign in by using new user credentials, you cannot access the expected resource.
  • You cannot create a recurring calendar entry on a site that is created from a custom template.
  • This fix adds a new health rule. This rule can inform an administrator whether the Business Connectivity Service (BCS) connectors are enabled or disabled in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Therefore, the administrator can monitor the status of the BCS connectors.
  • You add a large amount of content to a client notebook on a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 server that is under heavy load. After some time, the notebook is no longer synchronous with the server and you cannot save changes to the server. Additionally, you may receive the following error message:

    Unable to save

  • Anonymous users cannot use Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to query data in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. Additionally, the anonymous users are prompted for user credentials when they use LINQ to query data.
  • Consider the following scenario. You change the site level permission on a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 site. Then, you change some property of the site. In this scenario, the sitedata.asmx.GetChanges() web service method does not report the security change.
  • The external content type name appears in the external list edit form if the optional field value is not present. Therefore, you cannot save the external list item successfully.
  • The CopyIntoItems method in the Copy.asmx web servicedoes not assign the custom content type when you upload a file from the file system. Instead, it always assigns the default content type.
  • When you click the Open this Task button in Microsoft Outlook, you cannot open the workflow task form from the notification email in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Consider the following scenario. In Microsoft SharePoint Designer, you apply Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) to a view that contains a link field. Then, you add a Universal Name Convention (UNC) link that contains non-ASCII characters to the field. In this scenario, the link is broken when you open it.
  • In the Turkish version of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, you click the Help icon and you try to use the search function. However, the search function does not work.
  • When you delete old versions of documents that contain web parts, spaces for the old versions in Microsoft SQL Server are not reclaimed.
  • When you upload a picture in the CMYK pixel format to an asset library, the upload is completed successfully and you see a thumbnail in the asset library. However, when you hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnail, the preview window does not show the picture in Windows Internet Explorer.
  • In sandbox solutions, Partially Trusted Code (PTC) usage decreases when the number of max processes per application server increases.
  • When you save a team site as a template, the web part that is used in the original site does not carry the correct view to the newly created site.
  • This fix adds support for both HTTP-based host-named site collections and HTTPS-based host-named site collections to coexist in the same web application. By default this support is disabled. To enable this support, set the
    Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService.ContentService.EnableHostHeaderSiteBasedSchemeSelection property to true. As soon as it is enabled, SharePoint will no longer use the web application's default zone public URL protocol scheme for all host-named site collections in that web application. Instead, SharePoint will use the protocol scheme provided during host-named site collection creation, restoration, or rename. Host-named site collections that are created before this update is installed will default to use the HTTP protocol scheme if this property is set to true. These site collections can be switched to use the HTTPS protocol scheme by renaming the host-named site collection and providing an HTTPS-based URL as the new site collection URL.
  • Consider the following scenario. You delete a picture library item. Then, you restore the item from the Recycle Bin and then delete the item again. In this scenario, you receive the following error message:

    Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint '<KeyName>'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object '<ObjectName>'. The statement has been terminated.

  • This fix improves the performance of migration time for users across all sites.
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