Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 (Books for Professionals by Professionals)

With this book, you’ll gain intermediate-level guidance for designing and deploying exciting business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

What you’ll learn
  • Write effective SharePoint 2010 solutions that can be used on the Web, through Microsoft Office, and on mobile devices.
  • Find out best practices for managing data stored in a SharePoint site and the most effective ways to get value out of it.
  • Discover how to write effective web parts and pages and integrate those solutions across other Microsoft technologies.
  • Put on your designer hat and create a custom look and feel for your SharePoint site or portal.
  • Learn how to use existing data to create business intelligence solutions based on SharePoint sites.

It has always been a challenge to find the superman that knows both, data ware housing concepts, and SharePoint concepts. The data ware housing concepts include basic stuff you need to know to work in the BI area such as cubes, MDX queries, etc. So chapter 1 covers that – and if you’re a hardcore DBA, feel free to skip Chapter 1. Then beyond that, we take every single SharePoint 2010 BI topic, and slice and dice it in detail. The topics we deal with are

  • Visio Services
  • Reporting services
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Excel Services
  • PerformancePoint Services

And in covering each of these topics, we ensure that a general layout was followed for each topic, to ensure completeness of content. We make sure we cover

Who this book is for
This book is for the typical SharePoint 2010 project team member who is technical in nature. It is aimed more toward developers, IT pros, and technical architects than designers or non-technical team members.

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