Download details: Developing SharePoint Applications–August 2009


The Developing SharePoint Applications guidance helps architects and developers design and build applications that are testable, extensible, and that provide the tools they need to maintain those applications and diagnose problems when they arise.
This release contains a written guide, an API reference, two reference implementations, a set of reusable components and QuickStarts. The reference implementations are named the Partner Portal application and the Training Management application.
The Partner Portal application uses Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. It shows how to create an extranet for companies who are partners with Contoso Pharmaceuticals.
The Training Management application uses Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0. It shows how to build a single intranet site. It is less complex than the Partner Portal application and demonstrates how to implement many basic SharePoint capabilities such as accessing lists and creating workflows.

Download details: Developing SharePoint Applications–August 2009


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Developing SharePoint Applications–August 2009
Welcome to the August 2009 release of the patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance. This file contains late-breaking information that can be useful in using the guidance.

Known Issues
To see the SharePoint Guidance Library known issues, see: http://spg.codeplex.com/Wiki/View.aspx?title=Known%20Issues%20%2f%20Fixes.

System Requirements
* Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008
* Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with Service Pack 1.
* Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
* Microsoft Silverlight 2 SDK
* Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2
* Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2008 Extensions, version 1.3
* Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Software Development Kit (SDK)

Compiling the SharePoint Guidance Library Source
To compile the SharePoint Guidance Library source code, perform these steps:

1. Open the solution (Source\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2.sln) in Visual Studio.
2. Build the solution.
- The Microsoft.Practices.SPG.Common assembly will be added to the Global Application Cache.
- The Microsoft.Practices.SPG.SubSiteCreation assembly will be placed in the Source\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2\Microsoft.Practices.SPG.SubSiteCreation\bin\Debug folder. This assembly contains a subsite creation workflow and associated workflow activities.
- The Microsoft.Practices.SPG.SubSiteCreation.Features assembly will be placed in the Source\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2\Microsoft.Practices.SPG.SubSiteCreation\bin\Debug folder. This assembly packages workflow and activities from the Microsoft.Practices.SPG.SubSiteCreation assembly into a Web Part Solution Package (WSP).

Solutions Included in the SharePoint Guidance
The SharePoint Guidance includes several sample solutions.

* Source\PartnerPortal\Contoso.PartnerPortal.sln
* Source\PartnerPortal\Contoso.PartnerPortal (with Tests).sln
* Source\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2.sln
* Source\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2\Microsoft.Practices.SPG2 (With Tests).sln
* Source\TM\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI.sln
* Source\TM\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI (Unit Tests).sln
* Source\TM\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI.UpdateTheme\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI.UpdateTheme.sln
* Source\TM\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI.Upgrade\Contoso.TrainingManagement.RI.Upgrade.sln

This SharePoint Guidance includes the following documentation:

* Developing SharePoint Applications – Aug 2009.chm: This is the guidance documentation.
* Developing SharePoint Applications Library Reference - Aug 2009.chm: This is the class library reference documentation.

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Partner portals are essential tools in channel sales strategy.